Thursday, January 11, 2018

Another interesting Internet find!

There is an awesome part of the Merriam-Webster web site which  allows you to enter a year, and it gives you a list of words that first appeared in that year. I entered my birth year (1947 - yeah I'm old) and got the following very interesting set of words (note that this is not the complete list, just the ones that I found most interesting):  apartheid, bank card, barhop, bikini, bio, chopped liver, collateral damage, counterculture, decongestant, deviancy, flight attendant, foot-dragging, foreign aid, foul up, hydrogen bomb, impactful, machine language, methadone, morph, nuts and bolts, palmetto bug, party pooper, power play, prime time, P value, schmo, significance level, slow cooker, strip search, technophobia, turboprop engine, type I error, type II error, Vietnamese, voice-over, Walter Mitty, and workaholic.

You probably learn a bit about ME by seeing what my most interesting words were.
 (The complete list is for 1947 is HERE.)

Check out YOUR year HERE.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Residents at The Regent Paint Christmas Toys

The Regent is a retirement community in Wichita, Kansas.  John Belt asked residents there to help by painting his hand made wooden toys to be donated to Operation Holiday.  The result was outstanding!  Many thanks to these residents.

Painted and Decorated by the following Regent Elves:
Mary Druding
Earl Fouse
Doris Kriks
Ella Longoria
Donna MacKay
Mary Tideman

Doll Afghans made by the "Knit One, Purl Two" Club Members:
Karen Richards and Shirley Strickler

Christmas Toys for Operation Holiday

Wichita Women Artists took the time in December 2017 to paint handmade wooden toys built by John Belt.  The women painted the toys and they were then delivered to Operation Holiday which distributed them to needy children in the Wichita area.  Before the toys were distributed, I took pictures of the toys and compiled them into a video.