Sunday, November 2, 2014

Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are - Amy Cuddy

Amy Cuddy is a social psychologist on the faculty of the Harvard Business School. This talk "could" change your life, or then again... maybe not.  I'm not positive I would bet my life on it, but it does seem to have some merit.  Take a look at it, try it out, and see if it works for you.  

"Why you should listen

Amy Cuddy wasn’t supposed to become a successful scientist. In fact, she wasn’t even supposed to finish her undergraduate degree. Early in her college career, Cuddy suffered a severe head injury in a car accident, and doctors said she would struggle to fully regain her mental capacity and finish her undergraduate degree.
But she proved them wrong. Today, Cuddy is a professor and researcher at Harvard Business School, where she studies how nonverbal behavior and snap judgments affect people from the classroom to the boardroom. And her training as a classical dancer (another skill she regained after her injury) is evident in her fascinating work on "power posing" -- how your body position influences others and even your own brain."

 Click here for a transcript.