Sunday, March 13, 2016

Victoria, British Columbia

A number of years ago, Richard and I visited Victoria in British Columbia. One of the most memorable things about that trip was the Ballet performed by the Water Taxis in Victoria Harbour. Recently I came across the video below of the 25th Anniversary Tribute Parade of Sail and Water Ballet. Watch and enjoy! And if you ever make it up there, the Water Ballet takes place on Sunday mornings. 


American Veterans said...

From the Ferry-ride across the Sound to the rich Northwestern forest and the grand spectre of the Olympic Peninsula mountains, when looking southward from Victoria's shores, the Victoria Experience is delightful and so very comfortable. This other-century capital has a little of everything: a commendable university campus, a stately government complex, a very British museum, and all the accoutrements of a mid-sized city.

Ronald Wylie

Nancy Bereman said...

Another marvelous destination near Victoria is the famous Butchart Gardens.