Thursday, January 31, 2013

Generations in the Work Place

Yesterday in my introductory HR class, the topic was Diversity Management, EEO, and Affirmative Action. As part of the discussion on Diversity Management, I discussed some information on Generations in the Work Place. Any discussion of "generational differences" as always made me a bit uncomfortable because I know that I am considered a "leading edge" Baby Boomer (i.e. one of the oldest of the generation) and I don't necessarily feel that I am the "same" as my generational colleagues. In thinking about this issue, I came across a quote that I think perfectly summarizes the issue.
It can be difficult to have conversations about the similarities and differences between groups of people. Within our diverse global community, there has been a long-standing debate about the advantages and disadvantages that result from focusing on "differences." Indeed, research often suggests that there are more important differences within any particular group of people, such as among women and among men, than there are differences between those groups.

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