Saturday, February 16, 2013

Google Plus - World Domination

Here is a very interesting article about Google Plus and its very rapid rise in usage.  The author says that:
Google Plus’s Ganesha-like arms can handle all of your company’s communications--if you let it. My buddy Andy Wilson, for example, runs an e-discovery company called Logik. He has swapped out everything with Google Plus. Instead of Yammer, employees post to their “work” circle. Instead of Skype, employees use Google Hangouts for cross-coast meetings and calls. Instead of Eventbrite, they use Google Plus events. Now, while Andy’s certainly an early adopter of this strategy, he didn’t do this for his health, either--he did it because it worked better for his company and saved them money.
I feel a little behind the curve on this one because I only recently participated in my first Google Hangout.  The potential downside that I see to this is that you have to have a gmail account to play. 

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